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      Will it blend: Will It Blend Orabrush

      Will It Blend Orabrush

      Don't Try This At Home
      The guys from Orabrush came to the WILL IT BLEND studio...
      Will it blend: On The Road

      On The Road

      Don't Try This At Home
      We've taken our show on the road once again, and this time...
      Will it blend: iPod


      Don't Try This At Home
      Tom is ready for a new iPod, so naturally his old one...
      Will it blend: Thanksgiving Dinner

      Thanksgiving Dinner

      Don't Try This At Home
      It's Thanksgiving time, and we don't want toothless Uncle...
      Will it blend: Diamonds...as far as you know

      Diamonds...as far as you know

      Don't Try This At Home
      Listen, we wanted to tell you, we really did. But then we...
      Will it blend: 53 Toy Cars

      53 Toy Cars

      Don't Try This At Home
      Have a problem with kid's and grandkid's toys all over the...
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